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Why Women Should Lift Heavy

by Vincent Wright on 03/29/15

Being in the personal training business for nine years many women have said "I do not want to lift heavy because I will look like a man". If you want to have a leaner look lifting heavy is how you
get it. You absolutely will NOT build manly-looking muscles from lifting anything over 10 or 12 pounds. No matter how heavy you lift as a female your testosterone levels simply are not high enough to build muscle like a man. You will gain lean muscle mass but rest assure that mass will result in feminine curves that is not manly.Your muscle will look more defined, and you’ll add curves in all the right places. Lifting heavier requires you to keep your core tight. Doing so will help to strengthen your core and increase muscle tone,which will ultimately lead to a flatter stomach. Lifting is especially important for us females because it helps boost bone mass, which we tend to lose as we age. You will feel stronger, and I am not just talking about feeling physically stronger, but mentally too.Lifting does wonders for yourself-esteem, you’ll feel empowered and ready to take on whatever your day brings.The more muscle you build by lifting, the more fat you’ll burn all day long! So, even though it is true that you may burn more calories with an intense cardiovascular session than you would lifting weights for the same time period,you will actually burn MORE calories throughout the course of the entire day after your weight training session.

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